Genius Hour

I am doing a project called Genius Hour. I am not very service oriented but I decided that one way I can help the world is to help one person at a time. And they way I have chosen to help them is to help them with academics. I am in the process of helping my friend, and so far it has worked a little bit. I will just help her during class and she seems to be doing better.

Another way to help with this is I have been asking questions in class more. Sometimes there are students, like myself, who maybe are too timid to ask a question, so I will ask any questions that I have in hopes that it will be helpful to someone else.

In turn of me helping someone, I hope that they will help someone else that I do not get to help. Except in reality, in this world, the domino effect usually doesn’t go in the way of the helpful. But hey, I can wish.


Here’s to New Beginnings.

Last year, the year of 2014, I was something. I thought that I was a great person. So I have taken these few days to reflect upon the year and realize, that I was not the best person that I could have been.

Last year I was somewhat lazy, and arrogant (which in my defense is okay in moderation) and above all, I let myself slip away. I noticed that I changed up my life a little, some for the better, some for the worse. And I have kept the good things that I have come to, like being nicer and more of a sisterly person towards my siblings. But some of the bad things that I have done I cannot seem to unintegrate from my life. I still love school and take it very seriously, but I have noticed that I tend to not care as much. Another thing that I have noticed, but not moved to change, was the laziness. I have become so lazy and use the excuse “my parents aren’t home” or “I don’t have enough time”.

Now I hate the excuse “I don’t have enough time”. Everyone in the world has enough time. Look at all the great things that many people in the past have done in around the same amount, if not more, than what you have. Nikola Tesla has been a wonder to the world and he lived just as long as you or I will.

Never say you don’t have enough time, like I did. It takes away from life and keeps you down. So here is to new beginnings.


The sun.

Where does the sun go when it sets? Does anyone know, yes. It goes no where. it is stuck in its place in space, surrounded by the same things. Eight planets, a few dwarf planets, millions of asteroids and a couple comets. But if the sun could go anywhere, where would it go?

Should the opportunity come up would the sun take the opportunity to leave or just stay with all its cosmic friends. If a space realiator came by and told the sun that he would buy his spot in space for a while so that the sun could go on vacation. Let’s say he took it. And another star took its place.

I imagine that the sun would go visit all its friends, flying super-sonic at the speed of light across the cosmos. He could visit his friends at the quasars or on the banks of the black holes, watching all of the tiny astroids and planets getting sucked into the grasps of endless time. Watching the world go by as it is right this second. Not as we see it today.

Then when the sun would return from its wonderful adventure, he would bring home a friend, and never again would he be bored of the same old thing. Because everyone gets homesick.

Alphabetical Advise

A~always find the light when all seems lost.
B~Before you continue, think of something to add to the list of things you want to accomplish.
C~Calling gives a better thought.
D~Dog and cat people can still be friends.
E~entertainment can be found in abundance when you look.
F~Feel pretty don’t just look pretty.
G~Goals are only as far as you perceive them.
H~Happy people might need some help.
J~Just use your brain and your heart, together.
K~Kindness is a great quality.
L~Live everyday, no just brush it off.
M~Make someone else happy.
N~Never leave the fish out of water.
O~Open your mind even if you’re not interested.
P~People can always surprise you.
Q~Quality is sometimes better then loudly.
R~Relax and take a minute.
S~Single is something you can be proud of, relationships are wonderful, but not everything.
T~Tomorrow is not where everything goes.
U~Underachieving is from a perspective.
V~Voice is important.
W~Write a letter to someone who needs it.
X~X-rays mutate you, try not to have to have too many.
Y~You can change the world if you try.
Z~Zero excuses for the ill minded

Must Have Snow.

I wish it would snow soon. I love the snow for Christmas and well winter. Also I need it to snow for the water. All of the trees and grass and flowers wont get any water.

Now they will get natural rain water, but where I live it doesn’t rain a whole lot. And if it doesn’t rain or snow there will be water shortages and then the city will put limits and it would be just a whole train wreck.

So I am asking you mother nature if you could please make it snow. I will do anything for some beautiful sparkly white snow.

And what about all the little kids who wont be able to have a snow ball fight or build a snow fort or snowman (don’t start singing Frozen). The magic of winter will be lost.

And if all those kids who don’t to do all those thing will use wet dirt and rocks. This will break windows and windshields, not to mention heads.

Then when all those things are broken, parents will rage through the city and make everything a nightmare. The courts will have so many problems coming to them.

Then the courts will shut down because of all the riots that go on in the court rooms. And eventually all the buildings will start to burn from the angry mob that will form.

The angry mob will then rob gun shops and start to kill people and we will have a massive problem.

So mother nature, please let it snow.


For dreams, I don’t have many but nightmares, those are more plentiful.

To me nightmares are more of reality to me. Think about it, there are many good things that can happen in life, but there is a higher chance of something bad happening, even to an optimist. One dream turn nightmare I had was one just like this. A world where nothing ever went wrong. I don’t remember much because the very nature of a dream is just so fragile that how could they have such influence.

Something that you remember so intensely for a few moments but as soon as you wake, it dissipates like smoke. It astonishes me to think that somethings have such an impact on people. But never the less it is worth it to have small moments of happiness.


Nightmares though have many things that are quite different than those of dreams. The intensity is very much the same, but instead of ending and leaving your mind like a forgotten memory, it stays and festers in your mind and driving you crazy and scaring your mind into oblivion. Even though you know it was only a small figment of your imagination and is not really something that happens, usually.


Adversity. Everyone goes through adversity. Even I do. Right now even, I have a B+ in my math class and I do not want to end the term with it. All my life I have never allowed myself to end a term, semester, or year with anything less than an A. I have worked so hard throughout my whole life to maintain my 4.00 GPA and all that is about to change. I really don’t want to finish with this grade, but in all honesty, I don’t see how I can change. I do not want to just “get over it” I want to CHANGE it. But somethings I do realize that you just can’t. It is truly my fault for the grade I have in that class. But I wish it wasn’t. I wish there was some mistake that happened that could change. But when the term ends and there is nothing I can do. I don’t know how I will cope with it. But this will effect how I go about the work in my math class. I will work harder to do the things I need to do and keep up everything in my life I’ve worked for.